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Mind over Migraines

Don’t let your head stop you from getting ahead. Find relief with our treatments when migraines strike. Our medical team will review your situation and prescribe the right meds for your pain relief.

How it works

Free Consultation

Start a free consult, share info about your health needs and history, and our medical team will customize a treatment – just for you.

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We never charge extra fees, help run your Insurance and refund you based on your coverage.

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Our seasoned Canadian doctors, Pharmacists and Nurse practitioners are here for an expert end-to-end experience.

Migraine pills

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  1. Free Medical consultation
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Direct Insurance Billing for payment
  4. Multiple brands/treatments available

How to use +
what to expect

Get your treatment going based on the recommended usage from the doctor after your consultation. It may be wise to start at a low dose you can ease your body into a tolerance that’s safe and effective.

Connect with our doctors via Chat if you experience any distressing side effects!

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