Where can I buy Minoxidil in Canada?

Minoxidil is a drug that can be used to combat hair loss. It originally was developed as a blood pressure therapy
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Minoxidil is a drug that can be used to combat hair loss. It originally was developed as a blood pressure therapy when taken orally however, when used on the skin it has valuable effects on hair loss. It works by improving blood flow to the scalp where it is applied, this is beneficial in nourishing the hair follicles in this area. When it is consistently applied to the scalp area, it will work to decrease hair loss and stimulate hair follicle growth.


Who Uses Minoxidil?

Both men and women experiencing hair loss may find success with using minoxidil. It is most effective when it is used early on in an individual’s hair loss journey, before they are completely bald in that area.


How Do You Use Minoxidil?

Topical forms of minoxidil you can apply on the skin comes in two different strengths in Canada – 2% and 5%. It comes in a solution or foam you are to apply to the scalp area twice a day. Your hair and scalp should be completely dry before you rub it into the scalp area where you are experiencing hair loss. After application, the hair and scalp area where it was applied should remain dry for at least 4 hours. Some individuals may use minoxidil with other therapies that also combat hair loss for maximum effectiveness.


How Long Do The Effects Last?

To start to see an effect on hair loss, it usually takes at least 3 months of consistent use of minoxidil. It is important to use minoxodil as prescribed – twice daily- every single day to maintain its effects on hair loss. Once you stop taking minoxidil its hair strengthening effects will also cease.

How Safe is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is generally a safe and effective option for men experiencing hair loss. Since it is a topical version applied to the skin, there is minimal concern about the side effects associated with the oral form such as increased heart rate and low blood pressure. Some men may experience irritation to the skin where minoxidil is applied.

Where Can I Buy Minoxidil in Canada?

Are you experiencing unwanted hair loss? Do you think minoxidil is right for you? Well you are in the right place! However, before you can begin using it a doctor needs to evaluate if it is a suitable option for you. They will ask questions about your hair loss, your hair goals, your lifestyle and your health history to come up with the best hair loss treatment plan for you. If minoxidil is an effective and safe option for you, your doctor will provide you with a prescription.

Jack health has a team of licensed medical professionals who are experts in hair loss – they know the right questions to ask to get you on the best treatment for hair loss so you can regain your confidence. You can talk to a trusted professional from Jack health from the comfort of your own home – they will always be available for your questions and concerns throughout your hair journey. Additionally, once your treatment plan is finalized, the team at Jack health can arrange to ship your personalized treatment plan straight to your home!

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