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The total package

…is what you’ll be getting if you take care of both hair and beard, but also what you’ll be 😉. Our treatments prevent hair loss, encourage beard growth, and ensure healthy hair so you can get anything from sexy stubble, to a beard that would make Odin weep.

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Beard Treatments

Get the beard of your dreams. From big, bushy, and beautiful to sleek and trimmed, open up a world of options by ensuring you’ve got healthy hair to work with.

2-in-1, 100mL

minoxidil 5% + finasteride 0.1%

$210/3 month supply

Best for hair loss of up to 25%

Our 2-in-1 combines the 2 most effective hair loss treatments out there into one easy-to-apply gel, for easier application to your beard!


2500 mcg/pill

$30/3 month supply

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin boosts hair health and strength, so your hair can last longer and look good while doing so 😎

Wait. That’s it?

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Our Ingredients


Finasteride prevents hair loss by tackling an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme creates a hormone called DHT, which causes hair loss. By stopping this enzyme from functioning, finasteride prevents this from happening, cutting hair loss off at the pass.


Minoxidil is a vasodilator, aka a medication that helps improve blood flow. It’s believed this helps hair growth by allowing more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to reach hair follicles through more relaxed blood vessels, so your hair gets a max dose of all the good stuff.


Also known as vitamin B7, biotin stimulates keratin production, a protective protein that makes up the structure of our hair. By boosting it, biotin increases hair health and strength, so your hair lasts longer and looks good while doing so 😎

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