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Generic Champix
Starter Pack
$150 / 2-month supply*
*may be eligible for insurance coverage

Varenicline (Generic Champix) Tablet Starter Pack includes 1-week of lower dosage tablets to help reduce side effects.

$230 / 3-month supply*
*may be eligible for insurance coverage

Varenicline Prescription Treatment – an effective quit-smoking program (not an anti-depressant)

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Anyone who’s been wanting to quit smoking, have tried previously without success and/or have relapsed.

We offer two plans for you, and based on your personalized consultation and health history, our medical team will make a recommendation. How the medication works: Generic Champix works by blocking nicotine from attaching to receptors in the brain. When nicotine attaches to these receptors in the brain, it triggers the release of a chemical called dopamine. The effect is short lived, and this contributes to people’s cravings for cigarettes. By blocking the nicotine from these receptors, Generic Champix (Varenicline) reduces cravings for smoking cigarettes, helping you quit.

The Starter pack has one week of lower doses to ease the patient to the effective dose (1mg twice daily) to reduce side effects. This pack lasts 2-months. Generic Champix (a Continuation pack) requires 1mg tablets taken twice daily for effective treatment. Some people may prefer to start with this dose. This pack lasts 3-months. After your program is complete, our ongoing care team will reach out to assess the results, and adjust if necessary.

Depending on your health coverage, part or all of the costs can be deducted from a personal Health Spending Account. Medications may be partially covered by insurance plans (not all plans cover Champix, even the generic). If you have a valid Doctor’s prescription, you may qualify for OHIP coverage.