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On average, members on our program lose 22.5% of their weight in a year*.
* In a 68- and 72-week clinical trial studying two treatments in patients without diabetes and with BMI >30, or BMI >27 with a weight-related condition, the average weight loss was 16.9% and 22.5%, when paired with diet and exercise changes (compared to 2.4% and 3.1%, respectively, with diet and exercise alone).
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On average, our program member lose 12 lbs by month six, where as clinical trials are an average of 7.5 lbs.

*In a 56 and 68 week clinical trial studying two GLP-1 medications for obesity (BMI ≥30) and overweight (BMI ≥27) with at least one weight-related condition, non-diabetics who completed the trials lost an average of 9 and 15% of their body weight when paired with diet and exercise (compared to 3.5% and 2.4%, respectively, on diet and exercise alone).

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"The biggest change was a decrease in my appetite. It just clicked - this was the missing ingredient in my weight loss journey. Not having to fight off constant cravings and urges to eat unhealthy foods, which made it easier to stick to a healthy diet plan. I was able to exercise more easily and felt less sluggish throughout the day. [The program has] helped me achieve my weight loss goals, I feel more confident in my own skin.”
-Tyler, BC
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