How to Apply Testosterone Gel

Applying your testosterone gel properly is absolutely key to results: we’ll explain how to use AndroGel, Taro-Testosterone and Testim.
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Written by: Jack Health Team
Reviewed by: Sarah Bento-De Sousa PharmD. RPh

You’ve gone through the steps of getting your bloodwork done and getting a prescription for TRT. Now how do you use it?

There are a few different brands of testosterone gel in Canada: AndroGel, Taro-Testosterone and Testim. Currently Fortesta and Vo are only available in the U.S.

When you receive your prescription, you’ll find it comes in a box of 30 packs. This will last you one month if your dose is 2.5g or 5g. It will last you 15 days if your dose is 10g (2 sachets x 5g).

Why is this Medication Prescribed?

Testosterone gel is commonly prescribed as part of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for men diagnosed with low testosterone levels, a condition often referred to as hypogonadism. Low testosterone can lead to a range of symptoms, including decreased muscle mass, reduced energy levels, mood changes, and a decreased sex drive.

The purpose of TRT is to bring testosterone levels back to a normal range, thereby alleviating these symptoms and improving overall quality of life. Testosterone gel is favored for its ease of application and the ability to maintain steady testosterone levels throughout the day, mimicking the body’s natural rhythm of testosterone production.

What Should You Do Before You Apply Testosterone Gel?

Before applying testosterone gel, it is important to ensure that your skin is ready for the medication to maximize absorption and effectiveness. Here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Choose the Right Time: It is best to apply testosterone gel at the same time every day, typically in the morning, to mimic the body’s natural testosterone cycle.

  2. Clean the Application Area: Your skin should be clean and dry. Shower or wash the area with soap and water to remove sweat, oil, or dirt. This helps the gel to adhere better and absorb more efficiently.

  3. Check for Skin Integrity: Make sure the application area is free from cuts, scrapes, or any skin condition that might affect absorption or lead to irritation. Applying gel to damaged skin can cause adverse effects and reduce the medication’s efficacy.

  4. Prep Your Environment: Have a clean, flat surface to place the gel packet on and ensure you have access to soap and water to wash your hands after application.

Following these preparatory steps can help ensure that the application of testosterone gel is both safe and effective.

How to Apply the Gel:

  1. Squeeze about half the package onto your palm.
  2. Apply the gel to your shoulder, upper arm or abdomen (where a T-shirt would cover). Your skin should be clean, dry and intact (no cuts or sunburns).

  1. Squeeze the rest of the package onto your palm and apply to the other side of your body.
  2. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap.
  3. Once your skin is dry, put on your shirt to cover the area.
  4. Wait at least five hours to swim, shower, or wash the application site.
  5. Repeat every morning.


It’s especially important that women and children do not come into contact with the application site – an increase in testosterone can have major impacts on their health. If any skin-to-skin contact is going to occur, wash the area with soap and water beforehand.

If you absolutely must, you can wash off the gel after only one hour, but you won’t be getting the full dose that day. Be sure to keep it on for at least five hours the next day.

What Should I Know About Storage and Disposal of this Medication?

Storing your testosterone gel

  • Store testosterone gel at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, moisture, and heat. The typical storage range is between 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C), but check the packaging for specific recommendations.
  • Keep the gel packets in their original box until ready to use, protecting them from light and keeping track of the doses.
  • Ensure the medication is kept out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental exposure.


  • Dispose of used gel packets and any unused medication responsibly. Do not throw them in household trash where they can be accessed by others. Instead, use medication take-back programs if available in your area.
  • In the absence of take-back programs, you can mix the unused medication with an undesirable substance (like dirt, cat litter, or used coffee grounds), place it in a sealed plastic bag, and dispose of it in the trash. This makes the medication less appealing to children and pets and unrecognizable to someone who might intentionally go through the trash.
  • Do not flush testosterone gel down the toilet unless specifically instructed by the packaging or your healthcare provider.


Adhering to these storage and disposal guidelines is crucial to ensure safety and environmental responsibility.


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